Back in Waterloo, with tons of editing to do!

Back in Waterloo post. Photography taken by. Michael Elgamal.

Yes, I know, my titles hover too closely to “Extremely Cheesy” on my “Cheesy title scale”.

It might be the rhyming.

Never mind, It’s definitely the rhyming.

I’m finally back in Waterloo after spending 7 days in an Orthodox monastery in Texas. The weather there is the complete extreme of weather here in Canada (They can grow watermelons- enough said!), which was a nice change of scenery.

Photographically speaking, the scenery there was more than challenging. Let me also clarify that it is my second visit to the monastery- so I knew what to expect. However, sunsets are SO breathtaking there that, chances are, your photographs will never do it justice. It is slightly disappointing for a photographer to know that he/she will never capture the beauty their eyes are beholding.

So, I found a simple solution- take pictures when my eyes can’t see a thing! That way I’ll never know of the beauty I’m failing to capture- and it worked!

I took many long exposure photographs at night- take a look at them, let me know what you think!

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